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Railroad Job Insurance

Railroad Job Insurance

Railroad job insurance is so important when returning to work from being furloughed. It’s important to realize job insurance covers the unexpected, events happening out of you control. We have had instances already where crews have been pulled from service, some with and some without job insurance. If you have stuck out the economic slowdown from 2008 and have successfully returned to work, regardless of who you sign up with, for job insurance, make sure you sign up and get coverage to protect yourself and you families from events that can hold you out of service and impact your income.

Raillroad Job Insurance

Job Insurance through LECMPA can protect you in the event you are held out of service from discipline. Sign up is easy and in most cases coverage begins within a few business days.

Railroad Job Insurance

As an agent for LECMPA job insurance I can assist you in with any questions or concerns about coverage and plan details. LECMPA job insurance offers several options to chose from and discount for paying for coverage in advance. Please feel free to contact me, I am here to help and answer any questions regarding LECMPA Job Insurance.

Spring Is Coming

Spring is coming and the nicer weather makes us all want to be outside and plan fun activities. Enjoy this great time of year and stay focused when you are at work. Dont let distractions keep you from working safe.

Please Contact me to see how LECMPA Job Insurance policies provide peace of mind when held out of service. Have a great week, watch all the snow melt because March is right around the corner and Spring is coming.

General Code of Operating Rules

General Code of Operating Rules exam the past two days along with Hazmat, Safety and Air Brake & Train Handling. I am relieved to have this requirement completed for the year. The amount of rules in force is