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Railroad Job insurance 101

Railroad Job Insurance 101


Job Insurance for your greatest asset, your paycheck. Here is a great short video on job insurance available to Unionized Transportation employees by LECMPA .

LECMPA offers affordable job insurance plans to fit you budget. Contact me today for information on plans and details on convenient over the phone sign-up.

Regardless of company policies pertaining to discipline, if you hold a federal certification as an Engineer or Conductor, you may be subject to time off from work, if certification is revoked or suspended.


Railroad Job Insurance


Railroad employee arrested for huffing glue

Tunisia Train Truck Accident

Tunisia Train, Truck Accident Kills 18, Injures at Least 86

By Kathryn Blackhurst
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Claim Paid in 2014

LECMPA has paid out $11,711,372 in claims in 2014.

From LECMPA’s Spring 2015 Newsletter:


What We Haul

Source: What We Haul

Click on the above link to view what types of Energy related freight moves by rail..