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Don’t Let a Dishonesty Charge Jeopardize Your Finances

Don’t Let a Dishonesty Charge Jeopardize Your Finances

Dishonesty. We’ve all heard of friends and coworkers being fi red for “dishonesty” charges by UPS and Rule 1.6 violations on the railroad.

Interestingly, dishonesty never seems to have a consistent definition. Neither does “insubordination.”

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CP Rail members urged to vote YES on Tentative National Agreement

CP Rail Members urged to vote YES on Tentative National Agreement

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, November 27 — The following is a letter from General Chairman Pete Semenek, CP Rail-US/Metra North/Indiana Southern RR/DM&E GCA, to his Local Chairmen, urging them and all GCA members to vote in favor of the Tentative National Contract.

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CSX Florida Derailment

CSX Florida Derailment

Officials say a faulty bearing caused the derailment of a train hauling molten sulfur in Florida.

The Ledger reports that a passerby called 911 early Monday to report sparks near one of the wheels just minutes before nine of the 192 total cars left the tracks near Lakeland.

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LECMPA now offers $252 a day coverage








LECMPA will begin offering up to $252/day in coverage effective January 1, 2017. This is the highest daily rate of job insurance offered anywhere. It’s available to all unions and crafts, subject to the applicant’s average monthly earnings. And, it comes with all the other LECMPA benefits: beneficiary accidental death[1], our best-in-industry Loyalty Appreciation program and award-winning customer service.


If you’ve been thinking about increasing your coverage, now is the time to contact your local representative or the LECMPA Home Office. Applicants must be free of incidents or discipline for three years in order to qualify for daily coverage of more than $201.

BLET members to keep Health FSA plan for 2018

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, November 21 — Members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) will keep the Health Flexible Spending Account (Health FSA) through 2018 thanks to high enrollment levels in the money-saving plan.

A negotiated benefit obtained in the 2012 national contract, the Health FSA allows members to use pretax dollars to pay for certain medical expenses that are not covered under any health plan (including a railroad health & welfare plan) or any other source. The plan could allow members to save hundreds of dollars per year in taxes. The 2012 contract stipulates that at least 7.5% of eligible members must participate in the Health FSA or the Carriers obtain the right to terminate it.

Following the conclusion of the Open Enrollment for the 2018 Plan Year, 11.40% of eligible BLET members had enrolled in the program. This is the highest percentage of participation since the program began.

The FSA Plan is available to BLET-represented engineers working on participating railroads, and all train service employees of the Texas Mexican Railway. Also, BLET members subject to the September 16, 2011 UTU National Agreement are currently eligible to participate in the Health FSA program provided for in that Agreement. The national FSA is distinct and separate from the on-property BNSF FSA plan. The participation rates identified in this News Flash do not apply to BNSF engineers.

“Membership participation levels in the Health FSA have increased steadily each year over the last five years,” BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce said. “I believe those participation levels will continue to climb as word continues to spread about the positive benefits of our Health FSA program.”

Any members with questions regarding the FSA should call United Healthcare at (877) 311-7849 or visit .

Tuesday, November 21, 2017